PB&J August 2017

The Joy in Serving Jesus. What an awesome time to come together and make 250+ Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly sandwiches. We took the sandwiches to Concord Commons, Washington Park and Orton Keys. God blessed us with opportunities to witness to two families we had made inroads to this summer. ALSO we had contact in ARABIC with a family from Baghdad. Wahoo! We gave 8 lbs of Candy away along with the PB&J! May God be glorified!

Special thanks for the DONATIONS that brought us bread, Peanut butter and Jelly!

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PB&J July 2017

Alana Coon speaking Arabic to a family from Baghdad that are now rebuilding their lives in Orton Keys, Rockford, IllinoisWe have contact! We made contact with an ARABIC speaking family. We didn’t get any real dialog but we had permission of one of the fathers to give a Popsicle to the kids! One day I pray we can hand them a Bible. We had further contact with the “jelly only” boy and his family too.

We tried to stream some of the teams on Facebook Live and hopefully we will be able to do that in the future as we hand out sandwiches to the Kids.

Our goal is to get to November this year (2017) before the weather turns to bad to get the kids out doors.  To God be the GLORY!

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